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Sandwich Model

The Sandwich Model or the Sandwich Technique is used to combine all the requisite knowledge and technology under one-roof. It is widely used in corporate and international businesses.

We, as an organisation focus a lot on this model as this has yielded better results overall. We are focussing on three main parameters and technology which are at-par with the industry standards i.e. NetComm, ITIL and Cloud.  As today’s market requirements have changed drastically, these three technologies with the concept of sandwich model stands apart from others.

The IT industry is now progressing at a fast pace but the platform of computer
programming or coding as it is widely called is at an all time low. This has also taken a toll on jobs in IT industry.

Our contents and their benefits are as follows:

1. NetComm : It is a combination of Telecom and Networks. The jobs in this very
specific domain are very high. Also with the Digital India push by our Prime Minister
around 40lakh jobs are about to be created within 3-5 years. Also, there is a popular saying that Network Engineers are very rarely fired from the job as compared to software developers.

2. ITIL : It stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. This basically
combines the technical knowledge of IT industry with the managerial skills which is
very necessary in the industrial environment. It’s the world’s 9th ranking international certification and is very highly regarded in the industries. Chances of getting a good job increases when this certification is in hand.

3. Cloud : Cloud is the new master of technology. It is dominating the entire IT industry because of its flexibility with almost all technologies. Cloud when combined with NetComm, the results are very astonishing. The combination of these two technology’s makes it a flagship. Around 2-2.5 crore jobs can be created in the next 5-7 years.e

We focus more on new technology’s which are in accordance with the industry’s requirements. An approach like this makes us the most favoured brand for technologies like NetComm which is our copyrighted course. We are the fastest growing company in North-India with industry driven courses and contents. Our students have been placed in world’s top notch organisations and that makes us stand tall and be confident among all our competitors.

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