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Information is now made easy with the availability of network communications. The lack of a good network knowledge can cost more than money. Netcomm Training is a “Unique Product” design and developed by the team Tecxperts to meet with the corporate requirements at global level. It is an integration of Networking & Telecom -ISP platform.

Netcomm Training introduces the basic concepts of data communications and shows how we have progressed from paper-based systems to modern computer networks. It starts by describing why it is important to study data communications and how the invention of the telephone (understanding the limitation of traditional copper network and how Optical Fiber cable transform the life), the computer, and the Internet has transformed the way we communicate in 2017.

Netcomm Training reveals and give us opportunity to understand working and functionality of ISP ( Internet Service Provide) and give opportunity to understand how the NOC (Network Operation Center ) works and deliver the different type of services / products (VPN, NPLC, IPLC, NDE, VOIP, Internet etc) across globe

The course is certainly an added leverage for IT students / Corporate who wish to expand their horizon when it comes to gaining substantial knowledge in the field of networking and internet. It it also a career-developing course as it increases job prospects more than any other course possibly can.

It’s a great time to be in information technology even after the technology bust. The technology-fueled new economy has dramatically increased the demand for skilled information technology (IT) professionals. The U.S. Bureau of Labor estimates that the number of IT-related jobs will increase by 60 percent between now and 2020. IT employers have responded that salaries have risen rapidly. Annual starting salaries for our undergraduates at different University range from $12,000 to $14,000. Although all areas of IT have shown rapid growth, the fastest salary growth has been for those with skills in Internet development, networking, and telecommunications. People with a few years of experience in these areas can make $35,000 to $40,000-not counting bonuses.


The topic concludes with an overview of three key trends in the future of networking:-

1. Optical Fiber – Complete Knowledge of Optical Network till professional level expertise for students and corporate professionals in the ICT domain.

2. Networking Concepts ( Entire networking platform as covered in CCNA)

3. Integration of Access Network ( Guided & Unguided),LAN & WAN segment by the ISP and complete hands on experience on the different routers / switches and data communication devices used by the ISPs.

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