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IT Service Management describes a strategical approach for designing, delivering, managing and improving the way of information technology (IT) is used within an organization. IT service management training deals with how IT resources and business practices together, are delivered in such a way that the end-user experiences the most desired result from the accessed IT resource, applications, business processes or an entire solution heap.

IT service management is built around processes and practices that caliber the end-to-end delivery of IT solutions rather than their development. ITSM measures the operational efficiency of a solution is meeting with the service level expectations of the end-user and how technical IT manages these systems to deliver the desired service level.

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is one such comprehensive suite of best practices, procedures, standards and an authoritative framework for ITSM which helps organization and individuals to govern IT services in a structured format and ensure meeting service standards both within the organization or across third party service providers.

The main advantage of IT Service Management Training is the better understanding of what the business needs and why (i.e. “business alignment”) All processes are repeatable and scalable. It defines roles and responsibilities, Increase productivity, it helps to Satisfy end users with realistic expectations.

Benefits for Business:

IT can react quickly to change and innovation in the market
IT issues are less common, less impactful, and less costly
Employees know what services are available and how to use them
IT provides better service at a lower cost
Business complies with regulatory requirements no one wants to think about

What you will learn:

Get Participation certification
Get Exam preparation support & guidance.

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